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How to Buy PYR?

PYR is built as a settlement, staking and gaming utility token to power the entire Vulcan Forged ecosystem. As of quarter two of 2023, PYR is supported on the Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC) networks, which are established blockchains known for their security and scalability features, however, PYR is in the process of transitioning to the Elysium.


  1. Create a LCX account

Sign up or download LCX Mobile and start the sign up process. You will need a valid ID and proof of address in order to transact, so be sure to have those ready. Verifying your ID may take longer than a few minutes, depending on where you live. Click here to get verified

2. Deposit token

Click on “Wallet” and then “Deposit”. Choose the “Coin”, Choose the “Provider” and deposit the token. 

3. Start a trade

On , select trade and choose the PYR pair that you want to trade. Select “buy” or sell,”  enter the bid and amount you want to buy, and click buy PYR. 

4. Done

Once the order is processed, you will receive an order confirmation email. That’s it, you’ve bought PYR.


Buy $PYR

Only registered users of the LCX platform are eligible to purchase the Tokens. The Issuer will not sell any Tokens where potential buyers are citizens or residents of restricted jurisdictions as determined by the Issuer. In particular, restricted jurisdictions are the United States of America and China, further, any US persons are prohibited from participating. 

The content on the page is provided by PYR team

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